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7 CBD and THC Products to Zest Up Your Sex LifeSource

by Harold Camaya about a year ago in list


7 CBD and THC Products to Zest Up Your Sex LifeSource

Some people feel anxious and experience a lot of stress right before they have sex or get intimate in any way, which affects their performance. If you are facing such a problem, then using CBD and THC products such as shatter can help you boost your mood, and make you less anxious hence enabling you to relax. As a result, using these products helps you to perform better in the bedroom.

The effects that you might feel after using CBD products can differ from those of consuming THC products. The reason why is because, in the process of using THC products to boost your sex life, they can make you high, while it’s quite the opposite for CBD products. So, which CBD and THC products can you use to spice things in bed? Keep reading as we will look at seven of the best of these products in this article.

1. Privy Peach

This CBD lubricant is among the best products that help a lot in making sex a more exciting experience. Privy Peach is excellent as it is beneficial when it comes to reducing inflammation that some people experience during sex. Also, using this CBD product can be of great help to those women who experience a lot of pain when having sex as they help in reducing it significantly.

Using this CBD product can enable you to take your sex life to another level. How? Privy Peach can help you enhance your sensation, and that of your partner too hence ensuring that you both experience lots of pleasure. You can also use Privy Peach to help you and your partner get stronger orgasms.

2. Cbd Massage Oil

Using a CBD massage oil can be great for spicing up your sex life. However, make sure you choose the one that is topical as it is usually relaxing, and will give you better results. Also, CBD products including CBD vape oil help you get relaxed.

Massaging your partner using CBD massage oil right before having sex can do wonders in the bed, as it can help them reduce any anxiety that they might have, or that they usually feel before getting intimate. As a result, using CBD massage oil can help your partner to relax more, which can improve his/her performance in the bedroom. You can also look for more CBD informationto make the right choice.

3. Foria Awaken Cbd Lube

Foria Awaken Lube is among the best CBD lubes that are very effective when you are aiming at exploring new things in your sex life. This lube, which apart from CBD, also contains aromatic and botanical oils, which play a significant role in reducing the tension in the bedroom. By reducing stress in the bedroom, using Foria awaken CBD lube helps both you and your partner to feel more comfortable with each other, which can in return help you perform better.

You should use this CBD product as a pre-lube to start things up on the outside like applying it on the clitoris as it’s more effective that way. However, avoid using this CBD lube with other things like latex condoms because it can make the sex very oily, which can mess up the fun.

4. Dosist Passion Pen

Dosist, which is a company that bases its health and wellness services on marijuana, has two pens that you can use to help you make your sex life more exciting. The two pens are the passion and arouse pen. The passion pen is preferable to the arouse pen as it helps you and your partner to connect more due to its THC content.

Using the Dosist passion pen enables you to get just enough THC in your body to help you get in the mood, relax, and improve your performance in bed. What makes the arouse pen less recommendable is because it causes a burning sensation that can be quite uncomfortable hence ruining the moment, rather than making it exciting.

5. Storz and Bickel Vaporizer

This vaporizer is one thing that you should consider looking for if you want to spice things up in bed. Vaporizing only three puffs of marijuana using this vaporizer can help you and your partner increase your sex desire, have better arousal, and more intense orgasms. Utilizing this vaporizer also enables you to boost the existing bond between you and your partner, which is crucial when it comes to your sex life. However, ensure that you only use it in small doses since using it in excess can cause some side effects due to its THC content. The vaping products are a great alternative to your smoking products.

6. 1906 High Love

High love is one of the best marijuana products that 1906 (the company) has come up with so far. This cannabis product can help you spice things up in the bedroom since its THC content combined with some plant ingredients in it like Muira Puama, can enable you to boost your libido and experience more arousal during sex. What makes it one of the best go-to options is how it causes effects after only 15 minutes, hence helping you boost your sex desire in no time. You should use this product in moderation since it contains THC, which can lead to some side effects if you use it in excess.

7. Bella Aqua D’Amore

This CBD product is among the best for reducing pain during sex, hence making it a perfect one for people who experience such an issue. Using Bella Aqua D’ Amore before sex can also help you reduce the occurrence of any inflammations as it helps the blood to flow more freely.

This product is also great for people who love having protected sex as it allows you to use condoms.


There are a variety of THC and CBD products that you can use to help you spice things up in the bedroom as you have seen in this article. So, get one that looks more appealing to you, so you can also start experiencing the fun that comes with it. Do not worry if you can’t find the product you want in your local dealer shops as you can now find it from the world-class sellers online.

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Harold Camaya
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