10 Things to Do When You're High

by Skunk Uzeki 11 months ago in humor

You think you've run out of cool things to do when you're high? Put aside your YouTube channel stream, and try these hobbies out.

10 Things to Do When You're High

Being high, if nothing else, puts you in a different state of mind. Some feel more alert, others feel more relaxed, while even more just may feel dissociated. Depending on what you're smoking or popping, you might just feel like laying down and thinking about life.

Though there's nothing wrong with just sitting down and listening to music, sometimes, listening to your favorite vaporwave track on repeat gets old. If you're looking for new things to do when you're high, this list will add a little novelty to your smoking experience.

We're pretty sure that making artwork was at least number one or two for great painters' on their list of favorite things to do while high. There's something incredibly satisfying about drawing or painting a picture right after you smoked a joint or dropped some acid.

Grab some markers, a canvas, or some thread. Just make something while you're listening to music, and you'll be amazed at what fun you have. If you're really not sure where to start with your artwork, try this trippy coloring book from Amazon.

Most people have, at one point or another, gotten the munchies after they smoked a joint. That's what makes cooking one of the best things to do when you're high. Not only do you feel productive, but you also get to enjoy eating something delicious after you're done cooking.

If you want to get a really good stoner meal on, try making a plate of nachos or baking a cake. The more decadent the meal, the better it'll taste while high. Already tried those ideas and looking for something more? These weed recipes to try right now will not only fill you up, but will also amplify your high tenfold.

Does weed make sex better? It's kind of a "hit or miss" experience for most people. Some people claim that getting it on is one of the best things to do while baked, while others just cannot get up their sex drive if it killed them.

If you're the type to get horny after an edible, then by all means, grab your sweetheart and get it on. If you're not the type to get into sex after smoking, you might want to skip this option.

Don't ask why, but board games are so much more entertaining when you're baked. Every little detail, even rolling the dice, seems a bit more exciting when you've spoked a bit rather than when you're sober.

Instead of just listening to music or playing video games, whip out a favorite board game for a whirl. You'll be surprised at how much fun they can be—and how easily you can incorporate smoking weed into the rules.

Have you ever watched a movie while hitting a spliff? It's no secret that cannabis can make movies more fun, especially if you're a comedy aficionado. Most people know this, but they haven't quite experienced going to a live show quite yet.

Trust us when we say that the human element of a live act makes a massive difference when you're baked. Just, you know, don't pull a Mystery Science Theater 3000 while you're watching.

Many people smoke a joint as a way to center themselves and enjoy a spiritual experience. In fact, some religions openly advocate for its use as a meditational aid. So, why not try one of the more "zen" things to do when you're high?

Studies show that one of the benefits of medical marijuana includes soothing tired muscles from sports-related soreness. Yogis who want to get better stretches on, therefore, would be wise to give this activity a try after their next bowl.

The worn-out stereotype of the "dirty, pothead hippie" is so worn out, don't you think? If you are one of the many people who find work to be more entertaining while you're stoned, then you should take this opportunity to clean your home.

Go ahead, scrub the sink and the bathtub. Make your bed. Clean out your closet. Whoever said that cannabis can't help you be productive hasn't done their housework!

Speaking of productive things to do when you're high, when was the last time that you actively sought out a book that you wanted to read? If you're like many others, it's been a while.

It's amazing how rewarding reading can be when you've had a good joint, or a tasty batch of special brownies. May we suggest The Resurrectionist for a trippy, haunting, and art-filled read?

Art is definitely a stoner-friendly endeavor, and you don't have to have artistic talent to enjoy it. One of the better things to do while you're high is to just kick back and absorb the beauty that comes from a beautiful painting or sculpture.

Modern art, in particular, is a great choice for stoner eye candy. A trip to the Museum of Modern Art, or the Guggenheim, would be a great way to enjoy life after a joint.

If you thought that getting a massage was great while you were sober, wait until you give it a try while high. Anyone who's feeling a bit sore will tell you that this is one of the best things to do when you're high, simply because the effects of a rub tend to be magnified when you're baked.

You don't really need to spend too much money to try this out. Just get a friend to use a back massager on you, and you'll be able to reap similar rewards.

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