Your Insecurities

by Jamie Daniger about a year ago in heartbreak

Break-ups are difficult for the ones with insecurities...

Your Insecurities

You left me for Your Insecurities.

Our lives were good, when we were together. We planned to be together forever, immortal being in the currents of reality.

But you left me for Your Insecurities.

We hardly had a fight and every day was another reason to stay. You told me I was the best man for you, and you the best woman for me.

But you left me for Your Insecurities.

You told me you wanted to work on yourself. You told me you wanted to be better because you felt you weren't ready to be with a guy like me. You told me it was only a temporary split.

And thus, you left me for Your Insecurities.

Weeks later, our fragments of love left your heart and you said we may never get back together. And you turned my hope into a lie.

for Your Insecurities.

These insecurities, with their coal black eyes and burning irises, their black smoky cloak and their razorblade teeth, their long needle nails and their empty hearts of mercury, their tangled up hair and their pale skins.

These Insecurities.

You left me for them. Wanted to protect me from them. Wanted to work on them. Wanted to slay them. But you used them on me, sic them on me, broke the cage in me.

The cage of My Insecurities.

And my insecurities went to work. secretly, like thieves in the night, they went to work on me. Like to galling winds of the Rockies, they began slowly eroding the happiness within me. Started sewing the heart of discontent and anger within me.

I hate you for Your Insecurities.

You and your insecurities, stripping me bare, chaining my wings to the wall and closing the last open window to the sun up above.

You and Your Insecurities.

I hate you for what you did to me. But for whatever reason I pity you more.

for Your Insecurities.

You've fallen to them, you left me for them, you hurt me with them, and you let them break me up inside. I lay in my bed wondering why they were so strong with you, while my insecurities lay dying at my feet. My insecurities topple before me because I know them in me. I fought them in me long ago but kept them alive as trophies in my heart. While I dig the graves for each of my insecurities, the ones you released in me, mourning the circumstances for this heavy funeral, I wonder why they were so much stronger in you. I stand far away now, keep our conversations short and my exposure to you shorter still. I see you living happy, living bravely, but there is no hiding them from me. No hiding the war within you, the running, the desperate escape from them.

Your Insecurities.

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