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Younger self

i miss my younger self

By esther hopePublished 3 months ago 1 min read

Oh, how I long for my younger self,

To see the world through her eyes,

She was beautiful and independent,

With a heart so pure and wise.

I wish I could go back in time,

And be that confident little girl,

With no insecurities or doubts,

In her mind, the world had endless swirl.

She believed the world would be better,

If everyone thought like she did,

Innocent and full of hope,

The world was her canvas, her bid.

Oh, how I miss my younger self,

And her untarnished, fearless spirit,

She had so much to offer,

Her future was indeed limitless.

Alas, time has flown by,

And I am no longer that little girl,

But I hold on to her memories,

And cherish her unjaded world.

For even though I've aged,

I'll always remember her light,

And strive to be like her once again,

Fearless, with all her might.

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    EHWritten by esther hope

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