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You're Here Forever

Immortalize in the little being you created

By Will Shimnom SimonPublished 29 days ago 1 min read
You're Here Forever
Photo by lauren lulu taylor on Unsplash

A silhouette of memories, forever in my mind

A shadow of a father, I never left behind

The scent of old leather, a whisper in my ear

Echoes of laughter, and tears that we've held dear

In dreams, I see your face, a fleeting glimpse of time

A nostalgia so profound, it pierces like a rhyme

The ache of your absence, a hollow in my chest

A longing to turn back time, and be cradled in your nest

The memories we made, now taunt me like a refrain

A bittersweet reminder, of joy and pain in vain

Yet, in the darkness, your light still shines so bright

Guiding me through the night, to a love that's always right

Oh, father, in the silence, I hear your gentle voice

A whisper in the wind, a heartfelt, poignant choice

To hold on to the past, and cherish every trace

Of the love we shared, in a bond that time won't erase


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Will Shimnom Simon

Always the poet... Never the poem.

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    Will Shimnom SimonWritten by Will Shimnom Simon

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