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You Hate Me With Your Love

Love Darts Prick and We Bleed

By Isaac Haldeman Published 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 1 min read
took this pic before a bad call

may i state to you a fact

you ask if it’s ok

but not before you act

so i can no longer let you stay

if it’s all just play

we are all friends

why do i tend to feel i’m broken clay

after the fact sorrys no longer mend

yeah yeah sure sure

i’m no poet

but you my boy don’t have my cure

yet i lay awake even though i know it

do you really hate me

when you say i love you

or is that yourself you see

well I no longer need it boo-boo

don’t mean to harm ya

it’s what ya always say

i say it’s cool but actually nah…bra

you can no longer make me pay

i was not back then, nor was i there

you know i found my fence

don’t worry you don’t have to stare

it’s more a thing for to mense

yup i simply google words for rhymes

i just said “i’m no”…fuck it

tehe heha hohoho nope i don’t read times

did you predict-it? ya can …suck

love me with your hate

know me with your doubt

learn me with your bait

i’m done now we both can go solo pout

for myself

to myself

from myself

by myself

performance poetry

About the Creator

Isaac Haldeman


I enjoy stories and telling them.

I’m the rich father before I am the poor artist.

Working on a novel. Why is it so hard?! ;)


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