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You !

By my side

By Assi Published 3 years ago 1 min read

You were full of life

An enlightening thought

In the darkness of life

You were a mystery to discover

A secret to share

You came as a fresh air

Bringing spring after a cold winter

You came and brought a new hope

You were the path for another life

You were from another world

You knew everything

The way to make others smile,

The way to give them the courage to fight

You were the strength to keep going

You were really good at wiping tears

A healer for every wound

You were sunshine in my world

You came and this lonely desert became a beautiful garden

You came and my path flourished

Your presence gave me the courage to survive

You were in the heart, you were in my mind

You were the path, you were the road

you were my last wish and forever by my side.

love poems

About the Creator


A writer who is inspired by nature, love, friendship, justice, and beauty. A girl who loves to read and write poetry and create stories. A daydreamer and a human rights activist.

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