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Poetry: A Therapy

The Power of Writing!

By Assi Published 4 years ago 3 min read
Writing poetry is not that hard

You are desperate, life means nothing. This world, this life, these people everything sucks. Sometimes you even think that you do not belong to this world and never will. Or maybe you are so mad, you have a lot to say, a lot of critics… You’re full of unsaid words, unsaid thoughts. Your anger is consuming you. Will write! take a pen and put down everything. Write a poem, it is one of the best ways to speak out our emotions…

Now you’re looking at your computer and you saying that it is not that simple. Poetry need some talent and some knowledge of words and literature.

Yes, it is if you don’t stick to the classic method. Don’t think about rims, don’t think about form, don’t think about words. Just let it be. Let it come from you, let your heart speak for you and trust me you will write the best poem ever.

Now you’re asking yourself, why would poetry become the best therapy?

Well, I will give you three reasons.

1) Don’t trap your emotions!

Poetry is putting emotions in word and as human beings; it is better for us to express our emotions. But sometimes it is impossible since we don’t like to do so. In fact, there can be many reasons but among them there is the fact that we don’t want to hurt our reputation, we are so shy to express our emotion or there is no one to talk to about our feelings. In this situation poetry is the best way to express your feelings, to release yourself from your emotions, our tension. This way, we don’t need to hold back our feelings. That way, there are fewer chances for us to have anxiety and overthinking problems.

2) Beautiful emotions

Sometime our emotions can make us feel like a bad person and we think that these emotions are wrong or incorrect. Also, there are some emotions that we are ashamed to have these kinds of emotions or we think they are evil. However as human beings, we can have all kinds of emotions and we should not hold them back thinking that it will pass and this way we can control them. But it will not, and it will become a larger issue since it is not solved. On that point, it is better to face these emotions and thoughts to understand them and find solutions. In the same vein, poetry helps us to write them down and analyze them in their depth. In fact, poetry can help us to have a self-reflection in a beautiful way. In fact, writing a poem will make our emotions seem more beautiful, poetic and less dramatic. Indeed, poetry is an art, it creates a portrait by using stylistic technique to portrait emotions, feelings, thoughts. This way it becomes more visual and frames our thoughts. Thus, by having a beautiful visual of our thoughts and our feelings, it will be easier to figure it out.

3) A change agent!

Poetry can become a changing agent since it can help you to view the world differently. Yes! Poems can help you to have another perspective from your point of view. In fact, since poets are sensible human beings, they observe and are inspired by the reality differently. They reflect on what they observe, and they sometimes present a holistic way of thinking which reflects in their writings. This being said, poetry is a changing agent since many poems criticize some social, political and cultural problems. It is a way for poets to give their point of view about problems in our societies.


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A writer who is inspired by nature, love, friendship, justice, and beauty. A girl who loves to read and write poetry and create stories. A daydreamer and a human rights activist.

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