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You Give Me Peace

A poem of comfort

By Linda BromleyPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
You Give Me Peace
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

When the fires rage and thunders roar

When my world breaks apart and questions arise

You give me peace

When I’m shocked to my core and in a daze

When fear overwhelms me and tears fall down

You give me peace

When everything hurts and it doesn’t stop

When the ache stops me living my fullest life

You give me peace


Your name is Almighty

My Faithful Father, my Champion forever

My Comforter and my Rock

You hold me close, in Your heart

As Your tears spill with mine

Because You know my grief as if Your own

But Your Promises never fail

While You show me the Cross

Of my ultimate healing

As I reach out and grasp it

I rejoice in its liberty for I know that

You will always give me peace


About the Creator

Linda Bromley

Just one of many creative outlets for me has been books! My whole life I’ve loved them and it’s so easy to make the jump to writing.

Recently I completed a poetry challenge and now, looking for more excuses to write, I’ve found myself here!

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