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The Hollow

Inspired by My Friend’s Yard

By Linda BromleyPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

I look up and see a hollow

Of ivy green spreading its expanse

Across the way and under it

A filigree chair sits and waits

For its next companion

Picket fences and roses

Disguise this secret retreat

But we don’t know ‘til we sit

That it’s a hidden getaway

A portal to other worlds

Where chickens run free among potato plants

Avoiding apricots dropping on their heads in summer winds

Where the grasses conceal hidden cities

Elf and gnome and pixie all fight for space

Among anthills and fallen toys

Running in fear between tall blades

Claws stomp their homes to dust

These miniature creatures cry in disgust

Their tears melding with raindrops

As they land making dips in the dirt

It’s night time now and I find

A comfortable mound to lay my head

Beside a thick gnarled tree root

I’ve dragged a pink rose petal

For my soft scented mattress

I stare up through the grass and see

Glittering fairies and fireflies

Decorating the darkened sky

With glowing gossamer wings

Darting here and there, drawing patterns

My eyes flutter closed

And I drift into sleep

With sweet smelling dreams

Of a childhood fulfilled -

My own personal fairyland

Waking up to stretch stiff limbs

I find myself still sitting on that

Wrought iron chair but somehow

A blanket engulfs me, keeping me warm

As I regretfully come back to my world

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About the Creator

Linda Bromley

Just one of many creative outlets for me has been books! My whole life I’ve loved them and it’s so easy to make the jump to writing.

Recently I completed a poetry challenge and now, looking for more excuses to write, I’ve found myself here!

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