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you and me

a sad poem

By Steven RicePublished 10 months ago 1 min read

it was us

then our love took a turn

it was left out in the rain

it was then a pile of rust

so much pain, no more to gain

day in and day out, i cry

our blue sky is now dark gray

my side of the bed, i do not lay

is this the deal we made?

you took a vow to stay

now i need aid for what you left

a scar cut on my body and mind

tear after tear and wish after wish

both fall from each eye and from my lips

one wish is that i can stop time

i cry over the fact that you gave up

left me out to dry, left our love to die on the vine

try to keep my cool

play the fool as you go play in town

shut the door and then a flow of acid on my face

it was hard to move

a sour love to fold and put away

felt i had no clue how to push on

we morn what we had

i ice you out from the way you make me so mad

that is on me, my bad

you took your ring off

the docs are done

they own both of our inks

sign on the line

you are now free

now it is you and me

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About the Creator

Steven Rice

Growing up I had many visions of what I wanted to be when I grew up. At times I was relentless on becoming a Power Ranger or a writer. After thirty years, the path that seems most obtainable is becoming a writer.

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  • Barbara Robinson10 months ago

    #Heartfelt #Powerful #HealingBegins Now the future holds new adventures, new loves, new stories, new poems ….

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