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Field Trip

Not the Typical Museum Trip

By Steven RicePublished about a year ago 2 min read

The wheels on the bus go and go then stop at my house. I board the yellow machine with a confused look on my face. I am an adult and school should be long gone. I take my seat in a sea of folks that don’t seem to get along.

I feel a gust of wind. I look to the floorboard to see a rusted hole. The yellow strips in the road now flash by quickly under my feet. How can this be? Then for some reason, I drop my toothpaste and it hits the gravel with a splat. Shortly after the bus comes to a stop and the ground once again becomes nonmoving and flat.

As I take my first steps off the steps, I notice the trees surrounding me. We piled out into the front yard of my grandparents' house. I ask for help and demand to know what is going on. Everyone moves along. I go as unnoticed as the sun on an overcast day. Does this mean I will still get a sunburn?

The group turns their attention to the water on the property. The six and a half acres of land are home to what were once three separate ponds that now run as one. The crowd walks to the water’s edge and start to whisper and point. So, not wanting to be left out of the fun, I make my way over.

In the water slithered one of my biggest fears, snakes. It seemed like a Seuss sightful of snakes. Not one snake, two snakes, not even three. Thousands of snakes swim in the pond in front of me. With blue snakes, green snakes, and red snakes too. Let's scream and flee, that's the right thing to do.

Then I slipped and my foot plunged into the snake infested water. I reach for a hand, but no one is there. How is this so? I try to scream, but nothing comes out. As I try to climb out, slippery mud covers my arms. I can feel the snakes wrap around my leg and I start to slip fully into the pit. I keep digging into the ground above me and keep trying to scream.

Finally, I get back to land. Still alone, I look around in fear. Just when I think I am in the clear, I glance back to the pond and a giant snake is headed towards me. As it grips my body the Harry Potter sized creature launches up to the sky. It releases me mid air. Then I feel myself falling and knowing my destination is the middle of the horrible water full of snakes. Then, right before I hit the water, I awake.


This is a recurring dream I have. If you know a good therapist, let me know.

Also, it would mean so much if you subscribe to my Vocal Media profile. You can also follow my journey on Instagram. Again, thank you so much, stay safe!

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Steven Rice

Growing up I had many visions of what I wanted to be when I grew up. At times I was relentless on becoming a Power Ranger or a writer. After thirty years, the path that seems most obtainable is becoming a writer.

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