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A Poem by Me



There is so much in this world that I wish I understood.

Like why do people in the world rarely do what they should?

Or did the doctors really do all that they could?

But the one thing I yearn to learn all about is you,

What makes you do all the things you do?

what are some things about you that you wish to make new?

I wish I could live in your mind,

But only for a day,

Because I fear what unspeakable things lay therein,

But then again...

I wish to know,

What it is that causes me to love you so,

Or the reasons we could never be,

And I bet your thoughts are as deep as the sea,

if I could venture your mind,

I’d set all your captive thoughts free

But still I fear,

That if I could live the way you do,

I still wouldn’t be able to give you all the love that is due.

Some nights I cannot sleep,

Because I feel that I’ll never be for you what you have been for me


You have been the ray of sun even in my darkest hour,

Even in your darkest hours you still manage to care

You’ve been the ear to listen

when nobody else would hear

And even though sometimes you let the storms get you down,

You always know just the way to turn my frown upside down

And though it’s not all smiles ( I wanted to add “and rainbows”, but that would be a lie🙃🏳️‍🌈)

Even in its darkest of days,

In the most beautiful ways,

Your mind is the best mystery known to me,

I wish I could tell you all that you’ll grow to be,

Just to give you the courage that you give me

Even though this may be hard to see,

Because of you

each day I discover a new part of me,

And it’s because of all the things trying to decipher you

Puts me through

I love you more and more each day

For the simple things that you may do

But most of,

For just being you

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