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World War 3

A solemn meditation on the horrors of war and the shared desire for peace. Captures the anguish and loss that would accompany such a fight.

By Cilian MurphyPublished about a month ago 1 min read
World War 3
Photo by Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash

World War 3

In the shadow of a world, torn and tattered,

Lies the dream of peace, shattered and scattered.

The cries of the innocent, lost in the roar,

Of a world at war, once more.

Skies once blue, now a ghastly grey,

As the light of humanity fades away.

Brothers and sisters, in arms they stand,

Divided by lines drawn in the sand.

The earth trembles, the cities fall,

A child's cry goes unheard, through it all.

The world weeps, for the love that's lost,

As lives are counted, and lines are crossed.

No winners emerge, from the heartache and pain,

Only the silence, after the rain.

A world that yearned, for harmony's song,

Mourns the old times, when we all got along.

So here we stand, at the end of days,

In the aftermath, of our destructive ways.

A sad poem this is, for a future unclear,

A plea for peace, in the wake of World War 3's fear.

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Cilian Murphy

I love writing about life generally, Health, wellbeing, fiction, and the cosmos. I think that would be all about me for now. My stories will reflect a lot more about me than I can say here. Huge fan of cillian Murphy.

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