Working my way through college

Better than dish washing

Working my way through college
Photo by Olga Tsai on Unsplash

I can get this thing reckoned

into something that is beckoned

I can learn to figure out

What this is all about

Writing poetry

to earn as dish washing

a truth elementary

not senseless wishing

Maybe i can earn

for the career my heart burns

I can move up some ladder

to embrace the former and latter

If this thing works

I am not creature that lurks

Hopefully my poetry gets better

so i earn degree and letter

To get an account rendered

means something is surrendered

to sail into this coast

means embracing the ghost

A lot could have been better

There is no certainty to the letter

Just getting a rhyme produced

Like something Sherlock deduced

I will maybe rise into the sky

Knowing somewhat the reason why

A chance to reach for the stars

in old age still drive cars

slam poetry
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Bruce Underwood

I am trying to figure out if i can make the same amount of money working as a poet for Vocal that i can working part time as a dishwasher.

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