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Worked at a haunted elementary school

As I reached for the light switches by the library, I heard a faint yet distinct child's giggle coming from inside. I froze, the hairs on my arms standing...

By spooky sessionPublished about a month ago 2 min read
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I worked as a custodian at an elementary school for about a year. My dad, who had previously worked there, used to tell me stories about the place being haunted. He would come home and excitedly recount the ghost's latest antics, eager to see what it would do next. I always thought he was just being his usual goofy self, spinning interesting tales that may or may not have been true. I had never personally encountered a ghost before or believed they were real, but that all changed during my time at the school.

My first encounter happened one night around 11:25pm. I had finished cleaning the classrooms and was turning off the hallway lights before leaving. As I reached for the light switches by the library, I heard a faint yet distinct child's giggle coming from inside. I froze, the hairs on my arms standing on end. Without hesitation, I bolted to the boiler room where the custodians gathered at the end of shifts. I told my coworker what happened - they were freaked out! Still, some lights remained on, so I convinced them to reluctantly join me to finish up, staying close by my side. We quickly turned off the switches by the library, front doors, and kitchen. Thankfully nothing else happened while my coworker was with me. We were relieved it was over but I knew this was only the beginning. As the long-term custodian, I would have to continue dealing with whatever was haunting this school.

I told my dad about the encounter when I got home. He didn't believe me, insisting the spirit had left after he acknowledged its presence for a while. He said he felt its weight lift from his shoulders one day at work, as if it had departed. Since then, he claimed to have no further experiences. I suggested maybe the ghost had returned but he brushed it off. Little did we know, this laugh from the library would lead to a chain of incidents after my first run-in with the ghost boy.

Extra: The ghost is thought to be an autistic boy who sadly passed away while being transported to the hospital from school. According to reports, the library was his preferred place on campus, though he also lingers in the hallways and a few lower grade classrooms. These details were corroborated by his former teacher and the principal, who resigned soon after my father verified to her that a spirit dwelled in the school. Guess she doesn't do well with ghosts?

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