Words That Trigger (Pt. 3)

by Sandy Yvette 9 months ago in heartbreak


Words That Trigger (Pt. 3)

I just need you to know I'm sorry too

I was hurt and acted a fool

I’m not trying to make an excuse

I know I was ruthless,

not giving a fuck, rude and selfish much?

Damn what a shame

After the man I claimed to love no longer felt the same

I went insane acted like I didn’t care

I was blinded by hate and made multiple mistakes

You’re as solid as they come

I knew you could’ve been the one

If there was any hope then, there sure isn’t now

Just another boo boo the foo lookin’ ass clown

You didn't deserve that, even if I was hurting,

hurting you back was like hurting myself

So why would I want to do that?

I became full of games

Forgot where I left my brain

I got called hateful names

I wore them highly too

Nothing to be proud of,

But I really thought I was the one getting the last laugh, not being laughed at

I'm sorry that I didn’t allow myself to see past the fact that you were a good man in the end

I was bitter and upset looking only for a win

I can keep giving you excuses,

However, we both know what the truth is

I could have been civil, and I wasn't

Living such a rebellious lifestyle like I had to prove something

I even tried to make you feel some type of way knowing that I was logged on from your phone

I have a dark side that sometimes I unleash even if it’s wrong

I just want to apologize because all this time I never saw how wrong I was

The drugs can get the best of us

It cost me the man I loved

How does it work?
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