Words That Trigger (Pt. 2)

by Sandy Yvette about a year ago in slam poetry


Words That Trigger (Pt. 2)

I'm not sure how to feel

I don't even know what is real

Everything I thought I knew blew up in my face

Like damn what a shame

I was fed a game

Giving all I am, and now I understand

Some people just take and take not caring what they leave you with

Did you believe I was that stupid?

I would never lose it, but now I am erupting from all your corruption

I don't even care how society says I should function

I still got a heart but from seeing what you are

I need to stay far

I am a lover but not everybody deserves my loving

No I will not give a reaction allow me to give you my nothing

What do I have to prove?

You're the one losing

You think I would place you in a list of my choosing?

No, not this time

I have evolved and learned how to finally take the blindfold off

slam poetry
Sandy Yvette
Sandy Yvette
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Sandy Yvette

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