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Songs of Home

By Dale AllmanPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Attribution: Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya (Circle Dance)

"Everywhere I turn

Wolves are there

Some curious

Some only stare"

"Seeing their shiny coats

And graceful lopes

Reflecting strength within

Always gives me hopes"

"Hopes of future times

When darkness reigns no more

In the glare of blue middle of the night

The dark recedes behind the moon"

"Walking slowly forward

Each step musters strength from within

But to stop now would be folly

This far already along the glen"

"Beautiful glade in sunlight

Greens and blues and colors more

Fading into dark blue hues

Moonlight casting path shadows"

"They follow me now and even then

When travels take me on

Wolves many or few

Guarding my path in midnight"

"Some would dance with me

In the zero hours

Turning circles both are we

To the distant drum"

"The walking drum pounds slowly

Driving me on tonight

Seeking glory and a home

Strength from the hills and howls"

"Music of the forest deep

Most are quiet into sleep

But my wolves are here

Making sounds to please the ear"

"They hunt with me at night

Fiery eyes alight

Muscle and sinew relaxed and ready

Easing up on what may come"

"Down this trodden path before

Many have been here

Of that I see

Footprints and worn trails"

"Following now through earth and rain

Moving forward once again

Night music playing free

Keep my wolves company"

"Strength in numbers nay alone

Lone wolf walking

Over rocks and roots

Sure-footed as can be"

"No need to see but feel

The hearts of wolves

Guiding me to where

There can be solace"

"Down the mountain

Past deep rich glens

Where water flows

Without an end"

"That peace endures

Heart pounding still

Legs moving faster

Going down that hill"

"Go down to go up

Reaching mountain’s base

Fortified for the climb

Wolves at hand"

"This further trek

I need to do

Heavy heart in tow

Calling out to misery past"

"Mystery surrounds this dark blue now

Understanding more each step

If only to wander on

Not lost but searching"

"For that place of home

Fires burning bright

Shadows dancing

In pure moonlight"

"Wolves show me the way

Leading on I dare not stay

Moving slowly up

Up that mountain side"

"Trudging steps at times

They come back and wait

Silently singing me on

Sharing hearts with men"

"Sure that I am strong

Wolves leading on

Traveling but for a moment

It seems in this pale middle night"

"The witching hour some would say

But deep within I know

It’s part of the adventure

Knowing more than them"

"Wolves ranging far and wide

They carry no burdens

Like the ones my heart and head

Take with me now"

"Listening to their soft steps and growls

Deciding to cast off

From underneath this melancholy

Leaving her behind not so"

"But remembering sweet touches

And that voice ringing true

Mixing with wolf songs

Upon the morning dew"

"Wolves carry me onward now

Singing softly in darkest blue

That my steps would be firm

Upon this forest ground"

"Refreshing pause at last

Upon the mountains ear

Sitting silently in wonder

Belief in hope not far"

"Hunting wolves now feast

Upon earth’s bounty

Bringing me more energy

To continue with this quest"

"Bunnies dancing in the moonlight

Putting on a show

Offering willing sacrifice

For hopes and dreams not seen"

"Tobacco down to honor

Earth and her bounty

Smoke rising through dark blue air

Prayers lifting spirits upward"

"To search that forward place

With still heart and mind

Knowing as wolves know

When that is what I’ll find"

"Rested weariness at bay

For the moment and today

Carrying no burdens on

Back up the mountain"

"Wolves sensing better hearts

Full respite for them too

Leading now with purpose

To reach Glory’s due"

"Pressing on through lighter skies

Feeling warmer healing

Eyes and feet focused forward

Footslogging turned to Grace"

"Cooler clearer mountain air

God’s gift deep breathing in

Wolves syncing up for now

Wandering together peace"

"Known paths and aches forgotten

Memories for enjoying

What once was golden fare

Lightly stepping forward once more"

"Following well-worn trails and feet

Knowing many passed here before

Wolves sensing the ways

To get from here to there"

"Strength and peace from these paths

Learning what others know

Beauty of the journey

To the end of sadness"

"Lone wolf highlighted

Against the moon

Ready at the peak

Looking back to see"

"Me soldiering on

Near weightless

Knowing the journey

Ahead will be my guide"

"Create new memories

Tied to stories of old

On the path of the chosen

Wolves here to sing me upward"

nature poetry

About the Creator

Dale Allman

Dale started writing and proofreading at a very young age, after school in his parents newspaper. Corporate career, numerous awards and recognition followed. Dale writes now to inform, uplift and entertain.

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