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September Rain

by Dale Allman 10 months ago in inspirational
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Or never ending darkness

Non-ending September fain

“September rain fell this year

Simple water turned to misery

At times soft and subtle

Others falling hard and fast”

“Days of grey with darkness

Falling faster than a mind can follow

Turning thoughts and hopes

Into bleak wastelands”

“So much water makes the earth

A mud pit filled with muck

Tired legs lifting soggy boots

Dragging weighted steps forward”

“September rains falling now

Keeping hearts confined

To grey shadows

Every corner dampened”

“Two steps from hell

Rain-soaked outer shell

Anger starting to kindle

Small flames of hope within”

“Finding shelter under wings

Made of His feathers

In that secret place

The shadow of the Almighty”

“Dry and warm to be here

Trusting the rains to end

But knowing not where or when

Resting in the fire of truth”

“Let it burn to a roaring noise

Hissing rain falling into naught

Feeling weaker than before

But summoning the All of yore”

“Dark wet rain falling still

Clouds and misty shadows

Drowning in the darkness

Hiding deeper down inside”

“Where the core of the Ancients rests within

Calling now on Vikings, Celts and the All-men

Bring your vessels, chariots and drums

Strengthen my soul for Him”

“We fight better in the rain

Taking thoughts captive

To make them Obedient

Now when needed most”

“Swords at the ready

Striking true and deep

Into the demon strongholds

With force enough to kill”

“Knowing it won’t be the end

Still raining as September trudges on

But gaining a foothold in this battle

Pressing on forward one muddy step”

“Plotting a path now steps ahead

Drenching darkness on either side

Chariots of Celtic songs

Wreaking havoc on demons there”

“Following narrow rivers of rain

From Viking boats shielded in the fray

Built to run deep and sure

Long battle swords cutting through”

“And the All-men battle cry

Lifting drum beats to the Most High

Shield and buckler true

Abiding in His shadow nigh”

“His angels charged with us now

Holding us up to keep us dry

Snakes and dragons no more care

Trample forward on their backs”

“Light gradually appears

Distant glow of promises to come

Through the rain and fog

Clinging to that hope”

The Light is there

“September rain did fall

Grieving losses from before

Fighting upward to that distant shore

Where light begins and darkness ends”

“Feeling the pull of muddy muck

Weights on sinews thunderstruck

Calling now forever more

For Ancient strengths battle sore”

“Together we may race to cover

Shadows and secret places

Refuge and fortress, no longer fear

Terrors of dark rainy nights”

“Angel hands always near

Keeping watch that we have no fear

Stumbling yes but will not fall

The Almighty fights them all”

“Drudgery and pain

From September rain

Watching now from under Wings

Pressing onward for hope’s bright ring”

Reference: Psalm 91 (NIV)

I write independently for no other reason than I would rather get these ideas and words out. Better out than in, especially for mourning and to express my grief. My audience is decided by you so if you enjoyed this piece and think it could be useful further I would love for you to share it.

If not that is also cool.

My other stories are located here on my author page.


About the author

Dale Allman

Dale started writing and proofreading at a very young age, after school in his parents newspaper. Corporate career, numerous awards and recognition followed. Dale writes now to inform, uplift and entertain.

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