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By: Karlton A. Armistad

By Andrew LittlePublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Artwork courtesy of Mr. Samuel Allan, Cyprus 28.02.22


Hair that bears the snowy white perfect age

Skin that needs more focussed care at this delicate but cozy-comfy stage

She holds on to his arm firmly

His arms, still safe & sturdy

They have weathered the storms

Over-coming pain in all forms

From kids' nappies to graduations

Teaching how to kick a football

Or use the wonder of their intoxicating imagination.


He has always seen her bold beauty

Woman, once a girl

She has always felt safe trusting him with her whole world

As they walk through life, wind, shade or showers

They always viewed every moment as ‘ours’

Tender yet unbreakable love

Like the vows, they made to each other

And God above.


Rain falling all around them

Death unknowingly calling them

Yet they hold each other closer

She, thanking God for the endless love he’s shown her

Him wishing never to know a moment without her

Over the decades they’ve watched others around them fall horribly & bitterly apart

Knowing nothing could ever break them

Committed in the light & the dark.


surreal poetry

About the Creator

Andrew Little

Karl A. Armistad is the pseudonym for Andrew R. Little. I prefer writing under this as it allows me to look at any body of work I complete separate to my personal day-to-existence, and safe-guards my relationships and family.

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