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Wisdom's Resilience

- Liberation from the Shackles of Worry

By Dawnxisoul393artPublished 28 days ago 2 min read

In the labyrinth of the mind, grievances reside

Weighted burdens upon which thoughts collide

Troubles, they whisper, are crafted by your own hand

A tapestry of challenges only you can understand

Pain, it beckons, when compared to others' plight

Perspective's lens revealing the strength to fight

Diseases, they whisper, born from bad habits' sway

A reminder to reshape and renew each passing day

Mentality, a forge, shaped by experiences wide

Tempered in the fires of life's relentless stride

Happiness, a seed, nurtured by contentment's art

The bloom of joy sprouting from a grateful heart

Health, a treasure, earned through actions true

In vibrant pursuits, it finds a home anew

Compassion, a beacon, with no enemies to face

Radiating warmth, embracing the human race

Wisdom, a sage, cannot afford to dwell in worry's snare

For its gaze spans horizons, beyond earthly despair

Liberation, a realm, where comfort finds its embrace

Freedom from shackles, an eternal state of grace

Letting go, a dance, with nature as our guide

Surrendering to the flow, where ease and peace reside

In these truths, whispers of wisdom's gentle breeze

A symphony of existence, woven through life's decrees.

And troubles, once owned, lose their grip unkind

Pain, when compared, finds solace in empathy's embrace

And diseases, by new habits, find their rightful place

Mentality, tempered, emerges strong and wise

As happiness blossoms, contentment becomes the prize

Health, a reward, reaped from actions pure

As compassion's light shines, a love that will endure

Wisdom, unburdened, transcends worry's strife

And liberation, a refuge, grants serenity in life

Letting go, harmonizing, with nature's grand design




A profound sense of liberation and tranquility settles over us, the journey we have embarked upon has been one of self-discovery, a transformative exploration of the power that lies within us to confront the challenges of life and emerge stronger, wiser, and more at peace. Through these words, we have been reminded that true wisdom does not dwell in the shackles of worry, but in the expansive horizons of understanding, by embracing the lessons of compassion, gratitude, and letting go, we have found the courage to release the burdens that once weighed us down, allowing us to bask in the grace of freedom and the symphony of existence, as we carry these insights into the future, we know that the path ahead may still be strewn with obstacles, but with Wisdom as our guide, we face them with resilience, confidence, and the unwavering belief that the seeds of joy and contentment will continue to bloom within us, nourished by the gentle breeze of life's eternal truths.

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Dawnxisoul393art, an illustrator and designer couple living on a remote island in Hong Kong.

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Comments (1)

  • shanmuga priya27 days ago

    Inspiring and thought- provoking poem !.I liked it.

Dawnxisoul393artWritten by Dawnxisoul393art

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