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Winter Peace

An Overview of Winter Season

By Rahul KadPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Frosty winds blowing,

Snowflakes softly falling down,

Winter's peaceful hush.

Beneath the white moon,

Frosty branches whisper low,

Winter's gentle breath.

Quiet snowfall drifts

Whispers through the barren trees

Winter's peaceful hush

Frosty breath in air,

Snowflakes softly fall to ground,

Winter's peaceful peace.

Frosty branches creak,

Snowflakes softly kiss the ground,

Winter's stillness speaks.

Beneath the moon's glow

Winter's chill doth fiercely blow

Nature sleeps, yet cold

Frosty morning chill,

Icy branches reaching high,

Winter's quiet still.

Snowflakes dance and fall

Nature's blanket, crisp and white

Winter's peaceful call

Frosty branches bare,

Snowflakes gently falling down,

Winter's peaceful scene.

nature poetry

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