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Winter Haiku

a collection

By Sara HudsonPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Image by Ina Hoekstra from pixabay

Frost covered blades,

deer dine in pale light.

Concerto of crunches,

meadow wakes,


Trees dusted,

cold, white carpet -

Winter morning.

Hand thrown seeds

wait for birds

squirrels come.

Icy fingers creep

under doors, through sills

chill finds me.

Moonlight's glow

grass shimmers

illusions of white.

Tree tops sway,

windy day.

Birds sing,

squirrels play,

Spring preview.

Hot or cold


Mother Nature.

Round and round

a tree trunk playground

for frisky squirrels.

Clouds race,

trees bow.

Wind is king today.

Sun shines -

a stormy night


Sun shines.

Wind blows.

Still winter in the shade.

Forecast of snow,

a sunny day.

Unpredictable nature.

Scattered sticks,

gifts from the wind.

Cold wind blows.

Sun's warmth flies away.

Finches hop

like skimming stones;

looking for seeds.

Shades of gray,

the sky cries...

Icy tears.

Lone wolf


is the wind.

nature poetry

About the Creator

Sara Hudson

I am here in hopes it will motivate me to write everyday in some form and return to one of my earliest passions that has too long been buried.

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