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What did the Aztecs know?

By Sara HudsonPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
image from DEZALB at pixabay

What did the aztecs know...

In desperation you call

to Tezcatlipoca,

to consult his mirror;

peer deep within it.

He grins and nods,

but says not a word.

To know what he knows

would cloud the vision with smoke.

You cry out,

"Oh, Quetzalcoatal-

what mystery, this life?"

In the silence Coyolxauqui

smiles down upon you

from above.

To know the mystery

would end it's necessity to be.

Huitzilopochtli in his

tireless cycles of battle

is too weary to respond;

tending to the business

of those who think they know.

Do you wish to take up arms?

The answer is not found

by those who will walk away.

You journey on to

Tenochtitlan and spy

a jaguar in the sun.

It leads you through

the tall, proud corn

to when the day is done.

There stands Chacmool

readying the altar.

"Oh Chacmool," your

urgent plea, "what sacrifice

to answer this,

the mystery of life?"

With chilling smile he responds,

"All answers in Mictlan."

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Sara Hudson

I am here in hopes it will motivate me to write everyday in some form and return to one of my earliest passions that has too long been buried.

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