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Close Your Eyes


By Sara HudsonPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
image by Gerd Altmann at pixabay

In the quiet alone she listens

head tilted, eyes closed

the universe ever speaks

we have but to listen.

Silver rays glisten cool

upon her cheeks...a kiss

for a child of the moon.

Deep within these depths

swim a never ending swim...

and when you are done

dive into the sky

who needs wings to fly?

Birds perch atop her fingers

...rest for the weary,

butterflies ride her shoulders

...comfort for the dying,

panthers prowl along side

...loving praise for the hunter.

Deeper still she walks alone

pitch black in the cold.

What man can dive these

depths, his panic left


What man can soar such heights

and not get lost upon the wind...

is there a man to journey

such a place and stay upon

the path?

Finger to your lips she embraces

with her eyes,

palm to your chest she creates

one pulse.

Listen to the wind.

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About the Creator

Sara Hudson

I am here in hopes it will motivate me to write everyday in some form and return to one of my earliest passions that has too long been buried.

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