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"Wings of Fantasy"

Wings of Fantasy

By BUSHRA TANVIRPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In valley of fantasy, where dreams take flight,

I yearn to soar amidst the heavens' might,

To travel on clouds, lofty and grand,

And view the world from a celestial land.

Above the mountains, beyond the stars,

Where angels dwell, their light never jars,

With wings spread wide, they gracefully glide,

Guiding my journey, as companions by my side.

With their radiant presence, celestial and true,

They serve me ethereal wonders, all for me to view,

Their gentle whispers, a symphony of grace,

Their voices enchanting, like melodies in space.

From lofty heights, I glimpse a world below,

A tapestry of colors, nature's splendid show,

Majestic landscapes, rivers winding free,

Forests dancing with life, as far as I can see.

The mountains stand proud, reaching for the sky,

The oceans and seas, where mysterious creatures lie,

Cities bustling with life, their stories untold,

A world so vast, its wonders unfold.

Through clouds I traverse, on wings of fantasy,

Exploring realms beyond human ecstasy,

With angels as guides, my heart does sing,

Together we soar, in harmony, we bring.

Oh, the beauty of this aerial ballet,

Where dreams come alive, each passing day,

I am but a traveler, a wanderer of skies,

Witnessing the world with enchanted eyes.

So, let me ascend, on clouds so grand,

With angels serving, a heavenly band,

Their voices resonating, harmonious and clear,

In this wondrous journey, I have no fear.

For in this realm, where fantasy abounds,

I travel on clouds, where magic surrounds,

The world unfolds, in all its glory,

And angels serenade, eternal in their story.


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