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Winds Of Boreas

Winter’s Breath

By AphoticPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read
Winds Of Boreas
Photo by Alessio Soggetti on Unsplash

The gale is screaming

Pounding it’s transparent fists against all that it touches

Tearing shingles from roofs

And trees from their roots

Such a perilous sound


It spares naught from its fury

Not a soul that is safe from its unbiased wrath, no escaping its invisible clutches

Growing louder than thunder

Tearing all things asunder

Ripping innocent plants from the ground


All things must suffer

Through its icy, merciless gusts that rend flesh from bone without grace

Breaking glass with its force

Ending life, no remorse

An indifference to all that exists


It gnashes its unseen teeth

Biting like icicles, cold and sharp, penetrating deeper, deeper

Crushing metal and stone

A cutting chill to the bone

The sting of it blistering skin


Howling like a wolf at the moon

Roaring like the sea during a ship wrecking storm, unrelenting

Battering the walls of my room

Threatening imminent doom

A harbinger of death


The gale is screaming

Cracking imperceptible whips against all solid matter as it passes

Crashing through ominous skies

I hear the deafening sighs

Of winter’s cold breath

nature poetry

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