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"From sunshine to rain, in a world in disarray"

By Isra SaleemPublished 23 days ago 1 min read
Photo by Nicolas Solerieu on Unsplash

A frame of glass, a view to share

A portal to the world, beyond compare

A window to the soul, a glimpse inside

A reflection of our hopes, and our deepest pride

Through the window's pane, we gaze and stare

At the world outside, with all its care

We watch the sun rise, and the stars appear

And feel the breeze whisper, through the window's ear

A window's view, can change with the day

From sunshine to rain, in a world in disarray

But no matter the scene, it's a sight to see

So let us gaze, through the window's frame

And a window to the soul, with a smile on its face.


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Isra Saleem

Versatile writer skilled in both tale & stories. Captivate readers with engaging content & immersive narratives. Passionate about informing, inspiring, & entertaining through words.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran23 days ago

    This was so beautifully written! Loved your poem!

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