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Wiggles to Walks

A Guide to Infant Development

By Jagatheesh MPublished about a year ago 1 min read

A light push, a slight flutter,

The start of a whole new rush.

A new life sprouting, a renewed soul,

A tiny, entirely new body developed.

A squirm, a wriggle, a restless dance,

A message was accidentally sent by the infant.

Unheard voices, unsung stories,

A new, daring spirit is beginning to emerge.

The universe is waiting for you with open arms, ready to love, guard, and enchant you.

A voyage starts, a new road must be followed,

The actions of a newborn child, who brings love and light into the world.

So let's cheerfully embrace this new life and watch as it develops and blooms throughout time.

Because a newborn baby's movements are an expression of love and hope as well as a reminder of the beauty and wonder of life itself.

"A Tribute to Parents and Children Everywhere in the world"

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Jagatheesh M

I always love to write blogs, and i am excited to get some work out there... Pls go through my stories and support.. Thank you

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