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white wizard

bush magic

By Raquel Teixeira Published 2 months ago 1 min read

white wizard wisdom

pouring down mangala time rain

spinning around the sun

in a timeless vortex


birds & trees

flowers & bees

shamelessly kissing

a masterpiece

grains of sand

drops of sea

all & nothing

we are to be

a pink sky

golden hour

shines yellow

& purple flower

wind we feel

but can't see

breathing air

setting us free

there's the key

one two three

for she for he

u & me


walking the earth with the nerve to know that we are to serve this holy glow. let’s talk about rape, that rotten tape. an endless cycle we can’t escape. mindless abuse of non granted use. pachamama is a muse !!! when did the bees & the seas & the trees gave us permission for such horrendous deeds? let’s plant seeds. all those childish dreams, so serious in matrix streams, are now fairy dust in unicorn bust. can we forgive & trust? breathe a new bugaragara? rubibi style. conscious wild. within the domain of sane or insane we balance on a razor blade. sharp. a rainbow warrior’s flower arc. a cosmic heart. our ancestors spark. a sacred fire that is boundless. around which all the potions of light. light energy, light mastery, light mystery. oh, the poetry. safe to be, on a land no one owns. pure & free, strong bones. always here, alive stones. can u hear? we are home. to the sound of lulu stories & beans from morning glories. blank page for golden memories. care taking a paradise, earth’s guardians, ain’t that nice?


About the Creator

Raquel Teixeira

My mission is to spread LOVE! Dancing my dance of freedom in this beautiful flow of the energy we are. One with the Universe, co-creating a New Earth: Fairyland, Atlantis, Heaven, The Great Awakening; however we want to dream it. So it is!

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    This was awesome! Well written 💖❤️

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