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White Sand Water Roads

A poem about the soft innocence of new love.

By E'LISEPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
White Sand Water Roads
Photo by Sumner Mahaffey on Unsplash

There are silk grooves in my pearly heart.

Left from the early start,

of when loves imprint fused us.


with those soothed over river stones,

you now live in my bones.

Our marrow glistens purely

against white sand water roads.

Our love flows as it grows

and carves out soft elephant stones.

Remembering, eternally

the way you hold so surely

to my tender feathering.

Even as we cry

misty gray rains

and coat the sky

with granite love pains, that glimmer.

We sometimes yearn for the return

of those sunny rays, that shimmer.

But we both kind of like the way it looks

to have that soft coat of fog line

slide over the mountain valley, we call Divine.

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About the Creator


Women's Mentor and Creative Intimacy Coach.

Poet, Spoken Word Artist, and Writer.

Writing about love, intimacy, faith, spirituality, relationships, self worth, and divine union.

Follow me on IG for spoken word poetry @EARTHSIDEELISE

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