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Whispers in Twilight's Embrace

Journeys of Love, Loss, and Hope in Verse

By Mohameen MoshoodPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Whispers in Twilight's Embrace
Photo by Chen on Unsplash

In twilight's embrace, where shadows dance,
Whispers weave through a moonlit trance.
Stars alight in a velvet sky,
As dreams unfurl, where hopes may lie.

Through meadows vast, where wildflowers bloom,
Echoes of time, dispel the gloom.
In each petal's gentle sway,
A tale of love, forever may.

Oh, how the rivers softly sing,
Their melodies, a timeless fling.
Carving paths through ancient lands,
Binding hearts with silken strands.

Upon the cliffs, where seagulls soar,
A symphony of waves that roar.
Beneath the arch of azure hue,
Whispers secrets, old and new.

In the heart's chamber, where passions dwell,
Stories untold, they rise and swell.
With every beat, a verse unfolds,
Inscribed in veins, in whispers bold.

So let us dance in twilight's gleam,
Where reality and dreams convene.
In poetry, we find our song,
Forever entwined, where we belong.

In twilight's embrace, where time suspends,
The universe, our canvas, extends.
Each moment a stroke, each breath a sigh,
In this symphony, we learn to fly.

Through valleys deep, where shadows play,
We wander on, finding our own way.
With courage as our guiding light,
We journey forth into the night.

Onward we go, through joy and pain,
Seeking solace in the gentle rain.
In every tear, a seed of hope,
In every struggle, a way to cope.

With every step, we leave a mark,
A testament to the light we spark.
In the tapestry of life we weave,
Each thread a story, destined to cleave.

So let us embrace the unknown ahead,
With hearts aflame and spirits fed.
In the poetry of life, we find our rhyme,
Guided by love through space and time.

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Mohameen Moshood

Optimistic in nature

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