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Whispering Willows


By Reyan AliPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
 Whispering Willows
Photo by Yogendra Singh on Unsplash

In the realm where willows sway,

On the emerald fields, where dreams play,

A symphony of leather and wood entwines,

As warriors of cricket share their designs.

Oh, cricket, a dance of grace and might,

A spectacle that ignites the heart's light,

From village greens to stadiums grand,

A passion embraced in every land.

With willow in hand, a warrior stands,

Guarding the stumps with steadfast demands,

Batsman's artistry, an elegant spree,

Painting strokes of creativity.

The bowler, a maestro of cunning and guile,

With a fiery spell, the air becomes vile,

He spins, he swings, with a rhythmic glee,

Unleashing his craft, setting spirits free.

Fielders like gazelles, they roam and dive,

Their very essence, a spirit alive,

With every catch, they enchant the crowd,

Their grace, a testament, reverberating loud.

The crowd, an orchestra of passion and zeal,

In unison, their emotions reveal,

Cheers erupt, like thunderous tides,

As heroes are made with their boundless strides.

On the canvas of green, battles unfold,

Moments of glory, tales yet untold,

Heroes rise, etching their names in gold,

In this grand theater, memories are sold.

Oh, cricket, a tapestry of hope and despair,

A fusion of skill, where legends dare,

From Tendulkar's elegance to Lara's might,

Legacies are woven, woven so bright.

So let the willows whisper their tale,

Of cricket's enchantment, that'll never pale,

From village greens to the hallowed ground,

A sport that unites, forever profound.

performance poetry

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