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Guardians of Love


By Reyan AliPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
Guardians of Love
Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

In a world filled with chaos and strife,

Where shadows dance with the rhythm of life,

There exists a creature pure and true,

A loyal companion, forever with you.

Oh, Dogs, the guardians of love,

Sent from the heavens high above,

With hearts of gold and souls so bright,

You bring us joy, day and night.

From tiny pups to the mighty hound,

In every breed, love can be found,

With wagging tails and eyes so kind,

A bond unbreakable, truly divine.

You chase away our darkest fears,

With your presence, happiness nears,

You offer solace when we're in pain,

Through life's storms, you're a steady reign.

Your paws leave prints upon our souls,

A love so deep, it forever rolls,

In your eyes, an unwavering trust,

A love that's pure, it's only just.

You're there in triumph, you're there in loss,

Through every moment, no matter the cost,

With unconditional love, you stand by our side,

Guiding us through life's turbulent tide.

You teach us lessons, both big and small,

To cherish the present, to give our all,

To live in the moment, to love and forgive,

To find joy in the simplest way we live.

Oh, Dogs, the guardians of love,

Blessings from the heavens above,

We're forever grateful, hearts filled with glee,

For the gift of your love, a bond so free.

So let us honor these faithful friends,

Whose loyalty knows no bounds or ends,

For in their presence, we find true bliss,

The embodiment of love's sweet kiss.

To Dogs, our companions, brave and true,

This ode to you, forever we pursue,

For in your love, we find pure delight,

A love that shines, forever bright.

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