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By BUSHRA TANVIRPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In the symphony of nature, as the heavens weep,

Listen closely to the sound of rain, soft and deep.

Each raindrop's melody carries a tale to convey,

A message from beyond, in a mystical way.

A precious gift from your Lord, it does proclaim,

A blessing bestowed upon you, in your Creator's name.

For the good deeds you have sown, it is your reward,

A gentle rain showering blessings, divinely poured.

The rain falls not in vain but with purpose and grace,

To soothe and restore, your weary soul to embrace.

Let it wash away the memories that bring you pain,

And cleanse your heart, so new beginnings may reign.

In the rhythm of the raindrops, find solace and peace,

Release the burdens that weigh, grant your heart's release.

For in every drop, there's a whisper of hope,

A chance to find healing, to cope and to cope.

With each raindrop that falls, let gratitude grow,

Focus on the blessings, let your gratitude flow.

Count your joys and treasures, both big and small,

And let contentment flourish, embracing them all.

Amidst the stormy trials, remember your worth,

You were born to conquer, destined for rebirth.

Embrace the challenges, with resilience and drive,

For within you lies the strength to thrive and thrive.

So, as you listen to the rain's gentle refrain,

Let it be a reminder, in this poetic terrain,

That nature speaks volumes, if we're willing to hear,

In the symphony of raindrops, there's wisdom sincere.

Embrace the message of the rain, profound and true,

Let it inspire and guide, in all that you do.

For the rain holds within it a sacred decree,

To nurture your spirit, and set your soul free.


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