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While we wait for forever

A Poem for the Well-meaning

By MaervelPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
While we wait for forever
Photo by bruno costa on Unsplash

I'm not trying to love you forever

They say forever is the farthest

Where all the happy ones go, the real ones

Armed with all and nothing else they embark

Over hills and vales

Scraping knees and losing hope

Aghast at the brave bones of the reckless before them strewn in helpless surrender beneath them

Realizing too late what they knew yesterday


I'm not trying to love you tomorrow

They say it's when the love is sweetest

When the heart beats the loudest, feels the deepest

Wrapped in memory's freshest wear they reminisce

What burned so bright yesterday

What could be tomorrow if we but held on just an inch longer, bled just that little bit more

Holding us and them prisoner to a gloriously vain hope


I'm trying to love you today

So what if now is all the music our hearts get dance to

What if its rooms, draped in the vivid shades of yes' and no's, never maybe, are all we give our eyes to see

Here, untouched by yesterday's almosts and tomorrow's what-ifs, holding our gaze and beholding our depth

Forget that on Sirius we swore yesterday, doubt that I'll kiss the fear away tomorrow or breathe when times ask of us what we never questioned ourselves

For today, not waiting for just right's and finally done's, I want to love you

Here and now

By Andre Hunter on Unsplash

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Long before Medicine sought my heart and time, words stood by me and held me in a sweet warm embrace. And here again, they remind me that we are far from done on this journey.


Maybe someday I'll love again.

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  • Rick Henry Christopher 10 months ago

    This is fantastically beautiful... Please join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vocalplusassist/?ref=share

  • The Fly Earthlingabout a year ago


  • Daniel L. Baconabout a year ago

    Excellent. I often find that love is a daily decision to take today for what its worth. I love your organisation and the journey of the piece.

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