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Where an Alien Might Fit In

We Take a Little Trip

By Jill SmithPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 1 min read

You landed on Earth

I can tell you were not here at birth

Wide eyed and bushy tailed

From your ship you bailed

To explore this new planet

You start by eating the seeds of a pomegranate

We head to Key West

To see a place with zest

Coffee from Cuban Coffee Queen is a must

Why Key West is called the Conch Republic is discussed

Walking down Duval Street

You thought the restaurants and shops were neat

We stopped by Margaritaville

Jimmy Buffett sang Reggabilly Hill

On to Captain Tony’s Bar

Luckily it's not far

In the middle is a tree

We are told stories of piracy

Stopping by the Key Lime Pie shop

You thought the Key Lime Pie had some pop

Next was Southernmost Point

The picture we took did not disappoint

You see a billboard with a doll

Who is not so tall

As the sun begins to set

We head to Mallory square to see acts we won’t soon forget

I show you my favorite act, Palm Frond Man

To hide behind palm fronds and scare people is his plan

We laugh as he pops out

But the sunset is what this time is about

It sets below the horizon

It gets dark and you point out a star from Orion

We wonder the streets

And have some treats

We hear yelling

What it is there’s no telling

It’s Competing Ghost tours

Anytime entertainment can be yours

Hecklers will bill ignored, it is presumed

But the walking Ghost tour will yell You’re Doomed

But when they yell at the trolley tour it is unassumed

That they will yell back yes we are the doomed

Our day has come to an end

I am happy to have an alien friend

You are returned to your ship

To take a trip

Unfortunately you don’t have a phone

While what other aliens did is unknown

I know you will have stories

Of all of Key West’s Glories

You will tell the stories to your friend

Until you can return to earth again

fact or fiction

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