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Ode to the Penny

The Mighty Penny

By Jill SmithPublished 7 months ago 1 min read

One side has the head of Licoln

With change you are given

While many people leave you for the next person

There is one thing for certain

You live in cars

In tip jars at bars

You are rolled

And dropped on the street in the cold

You end up in people’s pockets

Who knows you could have soared in rockets

You help us check our tires

And may help us buy our desires

You help us turn screws

And may end up in our shoes

While you are worth one cent

It is hard for you to get bent

Without you where would we be

The mighty penny we see

When we pick you up off the ground for luck

We will throw you in our truck

And wait for the next time we can see

How helpful the penny can be


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Jill Smith

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  • Gabriel Huizenga6 months ago

    I so love this poem! It really is wild how much we actually use pennies...and you do an excellent job capturing how ever-present and uniquely helpful they are. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

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