When the World Shall Crumble

This is an emotional poem about the end of the world.

When the World Shall Crumble

When the world shall crumble:

They say that when the world ends;

Stars fall, the moon crumbles,

And the ground beneath your feet shatters like broken glass.

However, there is no fear or despair:

Just fascination as the gleaming ball of fire gradually comes closer.

Your eyes avert to every colour shown,

And every beam of light.

You cling to your loved ones and hold them close to say your farewells as the tears gently fall from their ill-painted faces.

But not yours.

No, not yours because you know that when the world ends,

A new one begins.

Even though everything you've worked for is lost,

You know that you can find it all again in this new world;

This new, undiscovered mystery,

This ticket to freedom and free will...

Your eyes shut tightly,

And a sudden pang of fear begins to consume your very last thoughts.

As the world turns to dust, you look up:

All you can see is a mirage of fiery red and butterscotch yellow;

All you can feel is the intensifying heat starting to sear your skin,

But all you know is that everything will be okay.

You just need to cling to the only feeling left...


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