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When the Moon Rises

When the Moon Rises - Poem

By TestPublished about a year ago 1 min read

When the full moon rises high in the sky

With the stroke of midnight, dreams break into dance

In the past, there were tales narrated

About when the moon rose to the sky

Including how you approach people as well as how much you love them

Something about midnight jungle rule by werewolves

It related to the moon rising

Unfortunately, this is a legend-related fact that most people don't know

Legends about the moon's power to provoke strong emotions were based on fact


Someone's emotions will always set off some part of them

When the moon rises

The possibility becomes more almost certain

Only one harmful consequence and it comes true

There would be no nighttime if the moon didn't appear

It's impossible for reality to comprehend itself

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nature poetrysocial commentarysad poetryfact or fiction

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