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When The Good Says Goodbye

The Journey Into Hate

By VNessa ErlenePublished 3 years ago 3 min read
When The Good Says Goodbye
Photo by Ki Severinova on Unsplash

I’ve often wondered why a person is bad.

I don’t think they are born that way.

I ponder, does it happen all at once,

All in one day with one defining moment.

Then I think to myself no this cannot be the way of it.

I think the bad comes with the good says goodbye.

There are many defining moments of the good going

There are many ways not always the things that are showing

An eight-year-old child lost and alone looking at life

That child wondering why fathers cannot be simple and loving

The child seeing all the meanness that a family can muster

Until one day the good smiles sadly but cannot yet say goodbye

The child at fourteen when they realize the truth of the father

A world that seems to be spinning out of control with nothing to hold on to

The child’s life ripping to shreds with no one to even see

The good conversing with the evil refusing to say goodbye

A teenager shoved out into the world afraid and alone

Trusting the untrustable and seeking stability with the unstable.

Beaten, abused, worthless, and ashamed the teenager is lost

One fatal night the teen is alone with the one weapon of freedom

The good is there as well, setting the stage before it’s too late

The good did not say goodbye thereby changing the teen’s fate

The teen and the good found each other in this way

Growing and evolving into adulthood the teen became aware

Aware of the nature of the good and the nature of all else

Pretenders, those who were just mean and those who are unseen

The unseen would later cast a shadow on the young lady the teen had become

Unseen deeds that the good could not define

An end that would shake the good to its core

A phone call, a knock at the door, children in danger, and much, much more.

The child who had grown into a mother had limited choices

The voices on the phone explaining the plans and the loaded gun in the closet.

Again a child’s voice spoke and wondered why a father could not be simple

A father in all his rage forced the good to exit the stage

The mother went to the family and tried to talk with the good

The family was ignorant and misunderstood

So the mother took the good by the hand and walked away smiling

Life was beautiful with the good and the mother side by side

One has to wonder then why the good inside the mother died

It was simple really, as the fathers should have been

The mother had years of memories that couldn’t be filed away

She had years of meanness and the harsh reality that was here to stay

The mother took her children by the hand and declared her love

She vowed to protect them no matter the cost

The cost was something she knew deep down in her soul

A price that was too high and she would never survive it whole

The mother held her head high and looked at the good with a sigh

And this was the moment that the good said goodbye

Stronger than an army of iron with a will more powerful than steel

The mother now stands with all the love in the universe

Like a long lost friend she is sure the good can resurface

So she will not waste tears on goodbyes

Instead, she will rise and prepare for the fight ahead now that the good is dead

surreal poetry

About the Creator

VNessa Erlene

A Ph.D. student and Celtic Priestess who is an explorer of knowledge, spirituality, and political incorrectness. Your voice and knowledge is your power!

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