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When it feels like the world is ending

don't go into the dark alone

By HufflecupPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

When it feels like the world is ending

The why is irrelevant

That’s the question of a blissfully ignorant fiend

What matters is nothing is right

The pain makes you want to scream

The sadness makes you want to bleed

Kindness is cruelty

Hope is laughable

The future is a curse

A world you never asked to see

If sorry still meant anything

You wouldn’t need an apology

Rage would be justified

Solitude would be deserved

Persisting in life has made the world small and cruel

Not worth seeing

Darkness is what you believe in

When it feels like the world is ending

Don’t go into the dark alone

Let your last feeling be a good one

Like the relief of going home

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I want nothing more than to dedicate my life to writing, so I figured I would start here to test the waters. I will be submitting stories to as many communities as possible.

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  • Manisha Dhalani4 months ago

    I liked this poem a lot. It really does feel like this sometimes.

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