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The things we need to feel

hurt the most until we grow

By HufflecupPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

the things we need to feel

are the ones that left the deepest scars

grief never heals right

it bleeds you dry

but you never die

the deepest hate is the one we save for ourselves

poison pumps in our veins

as we sacrifice anything beautiful that blooms

the loss of our potential selves

leaves us looking at reflections in shattered glass

it will never pieced together the same

blood and sweat will mix with the pain

hating that this is the best we can be

let the glass turn to dust to be swept away

buy a new mirror

start a new day

it is okay to feel this way

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I want nothing more than to dedicate my life to writing, so I figured I would start here to test the waters. I will be submitting stories to as many communities as possible.

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  • Abody N. Eiid4 months ago

    I really enjoyed reading that ❤️, and I hope you 'll read my stories and rate me on them because I care about your opinion🥰💝

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