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When Anxiety Tries...

When anxiety strives to steal your gratitude

By Rowan Finley Published about a year ago 1 min read

When anxiety strives to steal your gratitude, sing to Him.

When anxiety attempts to rob your peace, don’t let the devil win.

When anxiety tries to ruin your life,

speak to it and tell it to stop the nagging strife!

You are not defined by your anxious thoughts.

You are more than your stomach's ever-churning knots.

Worship wildly, deep down in the bunkers below,

praise powerfully, and watch the wonders start to flow.

Hum hymns harmoniously back up to Him,

as the music takes away the darkness and some of life's grim.

Relinquishing today's each worry,

welcomes lightheartedness in such a helpful hurry.


About the Creator

Rowan Finley

Father. Academic Advisor. Musician. Writer. Aspiring licensed mental health counselor. My real name is Jesse Balogh.

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    Rowan Finley Written by Rowan Finley

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