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What's Right

by Michael Brandon Marchese about a year ago in social commentary

Michael Marchese

Keep ‘em hungry, keep ‘em dumb

Keep ‘em silent, keep ‘em numb

Said the fascist to the master

Make each nun a smoking gun

And then the pastor preachin’ faster then

Said boy why don’t be shy

And then the actor’s ballot caster rolled

The fake news that you buy

With all your pay to playchecks next in line

The soup is gettin’ cold today

‘Cuz poverty’s the crime of every diamond Dozen dreamer with a dollar to their name

Unless they anglicized its meaning

And then made them wear the blame

A badge of shame like scarlet letters

Chained around their right to choose

How Lady Liberty presents herself

In multiethnic hues, or so we’re told and so we Hear, and so we’re taught to hate and fear, Then disappear the past like pastors

And the masters

And the fascist fake-newscasters

But the federal reserve should be the one we’re Goin’ after

social commentary

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