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What I Thrive In

by Michael Brandon Marchese about a year ago in sad poetry

Michael Marchese

I’m aware I’m depressed

All too vividly so

Could describe it right now

But I doubt you would know

What it’s like

To be wholly

Consisted of woe

When you deal in the rest of your life


I see only the nevermore earth

It pollutes

When you subtly

Smother me

In my misfortune

I seek more of hunger’s

Diminutive portion

When all my hypocrisy

Leaves me exposed

I still seal it

And send it

In letters enclosed

In enveloping wallowing

In inequality

No justice, just

Guillotines to the policy


Is my least resist path

To the polity’s

Most extreme dream

Of utopian poverty

Calling me back

To the front once again

Where the trenches of mind

Can inspire the pen

To be brave for you

Soldiering on

For the cause,

For the left,

The young restless,

Eternal outlaws

Like an instinct

A feeling

To be more than man

So I guess, answer’s yes

I’m depressed

That I can

sad poetry

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