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What Is Love?

Written & Edited by: Seth Strange

By Seth Strange Published 3 years ago 8 min read

It all started one bright summer day where two Mothers brought their kids to the park to play. Although Angela was a few years older, Derek always tried to be the leader between the two. They were having fun while sharing & playing with their toys at the playground. Also kicking a soccer ball around & throwing it in the sky. The Mothers thought it was unusually sweet for both of them to not fight over toys & stuff like other kids usually do. Since they lived in the same neighborhood their friendship has grown over the years with many adventures. From riding bikes & climbing trees in the summer time to sledding in the winter. Everyday was a new adventure! One time all the kids in the neighborhood were playing hide & seek. Angela & Derek knew the area well so they hid together. They went behind the tall bushes along the fences. Also laughing & giggling quietly since they knew they had the best hiding spot on the block. After sharing some good laughs, Angela started thanking Derek for being such a great friend to her. She then leaned in & kissed him! Derek was surprised & they both started blushing. Shortly after, a spider started to crawl up Angela’s arm which caused her to scream! That ended up with them being caught but no one caught them kissing though. They never really brought it up after that either. Angela moved to another part of the city as they got older but they still went to the same school. Now Derek is a captain & lead quarterback for their football team. Angela on the other hand was also a captain but for the cheer team. They were both on varsity even though Derek was only a sophomore while Angela was already a senior. Both are currently with their highschool sweethearts as well. Angela was dating the running back Ryan on the football team & Derek was dating the flyer from the cheer team named Becky. Derek noticed Ryan one day being loud and aggressive towards Angela after a recent game they lost. It made him furious to see that! He never said anything though because he wanted to mind his own business. Ryan was known for being a “loose cannon party animal”. Anyway, along with Derek & Angela being on varsity, they also shared an advanced elective music class. Piano was both of their favorite instruments. The way they played Fur Elise so gracefully together almost created peace in the room instantly! They still remained very good supportive friends even after they’ve kissed as kids. Some people from the teams all go to this local music store called,” Seth & Sons Music Lounge”, to hang out occasionally. That’s where Angela & Derek first started playing piano together. After another amazing season, Angela was super excited because her prom was coming up. She had a sleek red dress with a white rose. Ryan was more focused on spiking the punch to try & have a better night but only made things worse as the night persisted. They still had an amazing time & an unforgettable night! Derek already went to his homecoming months ago with Becky. He wore a navy blue tuxedo with a white bow tie. They also had a wonderful time & a great night. Ironically enough, Derek & Angela both had limousines for their nights! Derek was pretty upset on the way home because when he went to get himself & Becky a glass of punch, he noticed her dancing with another guy from the football team! Becky didn’t think that he would’ve seen anything but he did. However the truth is time flies & Angela is graduating soon. Derek always wished that he was a little older just to graduate with her too. Angela’s graduation ceremony & party was coming up & Derek knew deep down that he probably wasn’t going to see her for a very long time if not forever. During the ceremony, Derek sat next to Becky, Ryan, & Angela’s parents. They were all cheering & clapping for her as she walked across the stage! Her parents started crying out of pure joy. The party was approaching quickly & Derek felt his time with his lifelong best friend getting shorter & shorter. The day finally came & Angela woke up super excited for her party! Derek on the other hand was really anxious & nervous not knowing how he was going to tell Angela about these feelings for her which he doesn’t even know how to express. A lot of people from their school showed up & they’re all having a good time. Almost as if it was better than prom! Derek & Becky arrived late but Angela was just happy they could make it! While everyone was hanging around the pool listening to music, Ryan started making a scene because Angela didn’t want him to spike the punch again. In a rage, Ryan got into his car and peeled off! Rumor has it that in the middle of all that drama, Becky snuck into the guest room with the same football player she danced with at homecoming! Now Derek is concerned & looking for Becky. While looking for her, Derek ran into Angela. He quickly notices she’s upset but doesn’t proceed to ask why since he knows it’ll only upset her more. Instead, he proceeds to open up to her & finally expresses his feelings for her. He thanks her on how amazing the past years have been between them. He goes on & says,” I don’t like the feeling or idea that we might not be able to see each other as much. Or maybe it’s just the fact that we’re growing up & becoming adults? No matter what happens, I just want to tell you I love you & thank you for being such an amazing person to me.” Angela started to cry & run towards her room! Not understanding what just happened & still can’t find Becky, Derek decided that it’s probably best to just go home. Becky’s parents ended up picking her up later that night. Ten years pass since that moment without them speaking to each other & all they really wanted was at least a hug goodbye. Derek is 25 now & is a Lawyer for a reputable law firm. Angela is 28 & is top in sales in a really good real estate company while trying to start her own. They’re both married to their highschool sweethearts as well, for better or for worse. Ryan’s alcohol problem has only gotten worse along with his anger & aggressive behavior. On the other side, Becky found other methods of escaping & leaving Derek. For days or sometimes even weeks without a single notice. Life was good but also had many challenges for both of them. Angela & Derek got on their knees & begged the higher power for a sign of hope, as they reached another breaking point in their lives. They also bought houses almost a block away from each other & close by to that old music store they used to go to. Not realizing they live so close, they both take a walk to the old music store that late afternoon. Hoping to find something within the music to brighten their day. Derek arrived there a little before Angela did & quickly sat down at the piano. As he’s getting ready & flipping through the pages looking for Fur Elise, he hears the bell at the door ring along with a familiar, charming voice saying,”Hello Seth!” Seth at the counter all surprised replied,” Oh wow! Hey Angela, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you in here!” Derek is thinking to himself that he knew that voice sounded familiar! Seth added,” By the way, I think I just saw Derek walk in here too a minute ago! I couldn’t tell if it was really him or not though because I was cleaning these microphones, but I saw him head back towards the Piano Room.” Angela said,” I must go see for myself at once!” As soon as she started to walk back there Derek started to play Fur Elise & at that very moment Angela knew that it was him! When she turned that corner, they both started to make eye contact. Sending shivers up their spines almost as if they just saw a ghost. She walks up to the piano & asks softly,” May I?” Derek responded quietly,” You may.” They started over & played Fur Elise together the same way they did back then. With complete grace & harmony. Peace filled the room once more. When they finished playing they both said to each other at the same time,” It’s really good to see you. It’s been a while.” Derek then asked,” I’m not trying to come off too strong but are you busy tonight? If you aren’t, would you want to come get a bite to eat with me at this new restaurant a few miles down the street?” Angela happily responded,” I would love too, we can talk & catch up!” After they walk home they both tell their spouses that something popped up at work & they need to go. Ryan & Becky didn’t say anything & ignored them. Arriving at the new restaurant, they were lucky & got seated right away after this older couple were just leaving. Angela ordered some crab cakes with jumbo shrimp & Derek ordered some swordfish with calamari. While waiting for the food they also order a couple drinks & start catching up. They talked about the trials in college & crappy professors & even personal life problems. The good days at work to the most insane days you can think of! Now for the best parts. All of the dreams, goals, & desires! Derek was still concerned about that time at her graduation party. He had to ask her if he ruined it for her or not. Angela admitted she wasn’t mad or upset with him at all that day. She was just upset with Ryan for leaving her like that in the middle of her party. That a matter of fact, Derek saying he loved her was the best part of her graduation party! Both were thinking now that they probably just had a little too much to drink but they both know their limits & aren’t even tipsy, yet. Their food is finally served right at the perfect time. The smell filling the booth with the pure aroma of true mediterranean seafood! They don’t hold back & devour the food in minutes. After they get done eating, Derek paid for it but Angela insisted she leave the tip. Both didn’t want the night to end so soon. Angela came up with a good idea & asked Derek,” Do you have to leave right after? If not you should follow me after we leave here.” Derek replied happily saying,” That sounds like a great idea, I’ll follow you!” Angela ended up leading him to their highschool football field. They started walking towards the home field bleachers to sit at the top & watch the stars twinkle. A shooting star fell across the night sky as she laid her head on his shoulders, both wishing for this moment to never end. This is the best night either of them had in a long time. Peaking through the clouds the moonlight started to reflect across some broken wine glasses & an empty bottle of Merlot at the bottom of the bleachers. They started to laugh because they didn’t notice it at first on the way up. Appreciating this reconnection after long lost time, they both laid back & asked themselves, what is love?

fact or fiction

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