What Is Love

by LG Reagon 6 months ago in heartbreak

Love yourself enough.

What Is Love

I am so tired of these words,

"I love you." " You are my world."

Words meant to convey warmth and security!

They mean that I am supposed to be protected from pain.

Wish this would happen for me!

I am not one to confuse the two as the same.

Time after time I have had to face real honesty.

Behind these words hide animosity!

Defining the expressions as long as you are useful to me,

do as I say, and never doubt me.

Clinging to the hope that this time love will be real.

That the wholeness will remain blue skies and butterflies...

Then I see you from my table in the back where I sit alone.

You said that the work needed you and you couldn't come home?

Watching as my soul is ripped from my breast and dies once again.

Familiar is this death as you join others in sin.

I see you hold her hand. Are you telling her that you are a good man?

Your peaceful voice capturing her with your insanity?

As you did me, this is your intention I do believe.....

It will surprise you to know that she cares nothing for your vanity!

Your words professed are falling on the ears of my sister.

Not of blood yet of another mister who taught us each how to handle

a cheaters calamity... without profanity.

I love how quickly she found me and with the wink of an eye

let me know that you aren't worth this heart of mine!

Time to get on with the show...

Tomorrow you will want to know why all you had went away.

Silence will deafen your ears as you walk through our empty house.

Never cross a good woman. Once she's gone no begging will make her stay.

Don't bother checking our joint account. I emptied it today!

Hopes were strong that you had listened to what I had said.

Oh! Look there's the waiter returning your card, it was declined!

That beautiful woman is whispering in your ear,

"You should not have hurt this sister of mine," as she points in my direction.

You look at me shocked with my words ringing in your head.

Caught in your own desecration!

"I am supposed to be loved. Don't hurt this heart of mine"

You are not the loving kind.

And I,

I love myself enough to tell you goodbye.

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