What If I Didn’t Write Today?

On breaking my most sacred promise

What If I Didn’t Write Today?
Photo by Lum3n.com from Pexels

What if I didn’t write today?

I swore to myself

that every day

even for a few minutes

I would pour myself on the page.

What if I break my promise today?

The only promise I have been able to keep.


it is just a sentence.


it’s my life story.

What if I were to skip it?

Just for today?

I say to myself that nothing would happen:

the world wouldn’t end

the moon would keep on bringing up the tide.

Only I would know

only I would care.

That’s why I have to keep going.

Because it matters to me.

Because it means something to me.

Because I made this promise to myself

to the woman in the mirror

the only person I can truly count on.

I cannot let her down.

I will not let her down.


here it is, my soul.

Here it is,

my promise.

I wrote this

for you.

Gabriela Rosales
Gabriela Rosales
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